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Well, seems my little Ryu sprite was for the most part just a glorified bump. I guess I got like two responses to it, but both being two word responses doesn't really make them feel so substantial. Perhaps something a little more popular than a friend's RP character. I decided I'd just take some requests from some real life friends of mine. Now I won't lie, I did enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh at one time. Well a good friend of mine happens to enjoy the said game still, and requested I do a specific monster. He was smart and picked a monster that back then I liked, and still to this day have a respect for. He is called the Summoned Skull if you don't know or can't tell. I first wanted to do this guy in the M&L3 style, but I can say that I really was just doing my own thing at some point, so I kind of gave up on the goal.

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