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I'll have to edit those maps; thanks for your suggestions!

The greenhouse has always bothered me, as it is not a greenhouse more than it is a building with windows on the roof. I also can see how there are way too many flowers in Bloomful, so I'll make sure to reduce that number.

As hinted at by the banner in the first post, the "mascot" of this game will be Deoxys.

I have four maps to show this time, which I will start attaching at the end of the post to make it easier for everyone:

Peatite Town, a former mining town that has fallen on hard times due to its key export, coal, being long since exhausted. A "Bike Dealership" has flourished in the town, becoming its new primary source of income. In the southwestern hemisphere of the map is the Peatite Mine, which has been abandoned for some time. To the west of this town is the third route with the construction site. To the east is...

"Route Four," a route with a few gaping holes along the way. (As Peatite Mine ran out of coal, exploration for more coal sites was necessary.) The route runs northward, making a turn towards the east again to...

"Route Five," a route which consists mostly of a maze of fences and grass. A few cut bushes block some of the gaps seen in the fences. Several trainers will be within the maze, one of which sits where the lone patch of non-wild grass exists inside of the maze. To the east is the next town with a gym, Marvelight City, and to the north is...

The Facility Grounds, a former coal-fed power plant which converted to hydroelectric power when its coal resources began to be depleted. It is said a catastrophic event caused the power plant's original electrical grid to be destroyed, leaving most of the Centiq region in a ruined state until it was repaired and renewed. The electricity generated from the Facility Grounds is mostly used to power Marvelight City, with the rest used in most homes in the other towns of the Centiq region.
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