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    Originally Posted by Chesu View Post
    Actually, all he(?) would have to do is make it one tile wider, with the door in the middle. The letters would have to be spaced out a bit more, though. I'm also a stickler for symmetry, Pokemon like Zangoose and Deoxys kill me. Girafarig is borderline, but its name is a palindrome, so it gets a pass.

    Anyway, I like the one with just text; the Munchlax face looks a bit out of place. It would look better in more normal colors (the door and doorknob even have an appropriate palette for it), and I can't really tell why it goes under the white line. You could also try doing it in the same pink and white as the letters.
    I agree with Chesu-on just about all he just mentioned! I don't really agree with all that stuff about Girafarig as it is my favourite Pokémon but that's not really the point! I also think the colour of the text looks a bit...unatural.