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    シルバー - Gin! hates GIMP. one of me two craziest pc friends.
    *hylian*sakura* - h*s! didnt notice that she, Sarah Paliner, and i have themes in the three primary colors
    aurevesque - aure! good friend. found out about m4l's FC after me.
    GengarNightmare - who the torn world are you?
    Jordan - seal killer. Nat said youre one of her craziest pc friends.
    Klavier Gavin - who the torn world ARE you, anywho?
    Miles_Edgeworth - prosecutor. thats all i really know.
    Natsu-kun - Nat! the reason for me existence on pc. avid maker of alts.
    Shelly de Killer - assassin? *backs away s l o w l y*
    Yami_Dogboy+ - Yami! we apparently confuzzle people with our convos in WOFZ.
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