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Superfairy x Chibi-chan
DeathWish x Ineffable
Natsu-kun x BinaryPeaches
Lucent x シルバー
Kagebouzu x Hakeen
Nitori x Sarah Paliner
NotchedEarPichu x SilverStilletto
Franceschi x Sublime
October Rain x Baromega
Lightning x Fallen Nocturne
Manipulation x Juicy Fruit
CPC:\Ezzo x Thaddeus Miranda
Jordan x Metatron
Went x Suijho
Abnegation x Counterfeit
Jesh x Four
Elite Overlord LeSabre™ x Haruka of Hoenn
Muzik x Naoi
Dogboy2709 x Eefi
Lady Gaga x Samme!
Kura x Algo Fonix
Ryoutarou x Signomi
Zero_ x CyberDreams
Hiidoran x Forever

ffffff Yuyuko/Jesh, you could've listed my main pairing too. XD; THEN I COULD'VE BEEN LAZY :(

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