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Originally Posted by MarkLegault View Post
I guess the purple teeth are from the material colour. The engine probably adds that to the texture. I'll fix that.

I can change text colour to black.

It's just a remake of red/blue/yellow.
Thats about all I can say. I only wrote few lines of code today. For the modelling progress, check my signature.

It looks much better in that style :)
Will you be using the same battle system, or making a new one?
Originally Posted by Dark_Soull View Post

I'm showing images of my games:

I hope that please them.

good bye
The large resolution is interesting... Is it going to stay like that?

The tiles in the Gym look odd. The colour of the ground does not match the colour of the walls and water edges...

Oh, and are you planning to release it in English too?