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    Before I say anything else, this is my first attempt at a Pokémon game and have next-to-no scripting and spriting knowledge, I can edit both - but neither can come from scratch, so I'm hunting for an ACTIVE team.
    Okay, so now that's out the way, let's introduce the game!

    In the Sevii Islands, a huge discovery is made...
    The many plates found throughout Mt. Ember are the key to time travel - and freeing the forgotten Tioch region - or rather would-be were it not thanks to the guardian, Lugia losing it's home in the Whirl Islands.

    Tuesday, 17th March 2009

    It was simply odd that Lugia should ask US in the SEVII ISLANDS for help. How can we harness the power of time? We can't exactly contact Celebi - nobody knows where it is... IF it even exists!

    It is YOU, who are selected go forth on this mission that, Dialga/Palkia could quite easily stop dead - stop it dead, literally.

    You successfully destroy the Time/Space rod and Dialga/Palkia become enraged and you are then trapped - in a separate time/universe, with many undiscovered and unknown pokemon some of which resemble those of modern, some unrecognisable.


    Featured Feature ( xD ):
    'Time Hopping':

    The idea of time hopping is to add a unique style of game play while still maintaining the aspect of pokemon game in general.
    Basically certain maps are connected, and with the right move or item you can hop between the two and even unlock pokemon that are apparently unobtainable in either version.

    Basically what I need it graphic people and scripters - mapping is very much my skill and so, unless I can't continue for a while for whatever reason I'll be wanting some reserve mappers.

    Before I even think of adding more I want to know if people would play this.

    Also, the PALKIA-based version features pre-ice age and Dialga at the Jurassic period.
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