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Originally Posted by Wind Gale View Post
I know you said you were going to add more infromation but I think you should add a list of features you are going to add. I know when I look at a post I look at the features and if they are interesting I will continue to read it. I do like how you didn't just focus on one Pokemon like other games. By focusing on Pokemon like Lugia and Dialga and the others it makes the game alot more interesting.
I would add a list of features IF I knew what I wanted out of this.
Unfortunately I don't x_x

I plan to do 'Time jumps' though - the idea is that some maps will connect to other maps in a separate section allowing different Pokemon to be caught and a new style of game play - I'm not doing that for all maps though - only applicable ones.

I'm not sure of anything else at the minute thoug :/
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