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I knew everyone on my list today so I said I'd do it XD

The last 10 visitor(s) to this page were:
  1. Chesu → VM'd me about some coding
  2. cookie ☆+ Who's looking sexy in blue? :D
  3. Franceschi+ Fifi, <3
  4. Hiiro+ Need to speak to, it's been too long
  5. Loki → Dropped me a vm
  6. Samme!+ → Long time no chat
  7. Sublime+ → He's a weirdo, dont talk to him >:o
  8. Thaddeus Miranda → Wished him a happy birthday :D
  9. Vendak+ What would be a day without Ryan on my last ten? A very strange one.
  10. Went+ → Stalker pretty much

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