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    Ok, I finally decided what overworlds I am going to use. I am using the HGSS ones that Wichu made. Now I just have to import them all and find tilesets. I am going to make some buildings, but does anyone know where to get some good tree and land tilesets? I need them and am not that good at making them.

    I said I would try to update some information, so here it is

    Mothim- Mothim is a berry salesperson too. The biggest difference is that he travels though all routes while Venonat and Venomoth stay in towns. He is the only salesperson to travel though every part of the region.

    Walrein- This Pokemon is very kind and allows you to use his house as a base for your team. He is apparently well known. Since he trusts you, people in the first town you visit will trust you.

    Spheal- Spheal is Walrein's child. Spheal is the reason you even met Walrein. While Spheal was playing it noticed two passengers struggling down the path. Spheal decided to bring you to the house which started your adventure.

    There are many towns in this region. Each town has different stores and Pokemon in it. Here is a list of towns and there information. Since most of them have no name I only have one that I will share.

    Ice Crystal Village- This is the first town you ever go to. It is very small and many things are still being built. Luckily since you are friends with Walrein, the villagers will trust you easier. Some of the buildings that can be found when you first visit is Frosslass's Bank, Lapras's Clinic, Snover's Berry Shop, and the Rescue Team Office. The main attraction is the Rescue Team Office. That is why people come here.
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