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@ichigo: I sent an email =)

The S.S. Waterson is essentially the same as the S.S. Anne as far as the overworld map is concerned (I will show indoor maps at a later time), so we're moving on to the next town! Today's maps are the third gym town, Mantra Town, as well as the two routes which follow.

Mantra Town:


Mantra Town: A town with many ancient tablets planted into the ground. The legends inscribed on these tablets speak of a terrible event which occurred on what is now but a small island, at the Azurect Community. What was this event? For now, that remains a mystery. The tablets also speak of an Emerald Tablet said to hold a great power.

The house on the left in front of the mound has an entrance behind it which leads to a small cave. Inside is an old man who quizzes you on the texts inscribed on the ancient tablets spread throughout the town. If you can answer his questions correctly, he will reward you with HM04 - Strength.

As one could guess, the Mantra Town gym is a psychic gym. Grumpig sure would be a difficult challenge for Fire users!

A Team Rocket Grunt prevents you from leaving Mantra until you have defeated the gym...



These are the two routes which separate Mantra Town from Paristorm City, the fourth gym town. With crop circles decorating the first route, it can be assumed psychic Pokemon reside there. Rocks which can only be broken with Rock Smash block the way toward the path with the wooden sign (I'll show where that leads tomorrow). The two routes are connected by the mouths of Rainfall Cavern, a cave which can only be traversed through with the use of Strength. However, before you can even think of going into the cave...

The cry of Suicune grabs your attention! As you walk closer to the source of the sound, a Hiker shows you where he saw some shady characters walk to - leading to the small path of grass within the trees in the bottom right of the map. However, despite the Hiker's size and stature, he leaves the bravery part to you! Fight a few Rocket Grunts until you get to the end of the path, where a strange individual in a black cloak with spikey, almost white hair has apparently cornered poor Suicune. Based upon the design on the back of his cloak--a blue cross with a PokeBall in the center--this does not appear to be a Team Rocket member. In fact, the man reveals himself to be a part of a whole entire other organization!

You fight the mysterious individual and beat him. He does not tell you his name, but he does tell you to "Heed Thrasher's wrath." With this, he and Suicune vanish.
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