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The reason I am not on your list, Sister, is because I am in invisiode.
  1. Code_Green My main account.
  2. Derozio Previously known as Crusher 1, and a friend of mine.
  3. FreaKryptid Cannot remember
  4. Jordan Mysterious person...
  5. Miles_Edgeworth Prosecutor. A very good one at that.
  6. Netto Azure Moderator that is surprised by my personality, and very kind.
  7. Shelly de Killer+ Mass murderor, and a good one, with selective targets.
  8. StaraptorX New person that I suspect knows my identity.
  9. syyyr Cool person I recently revealed my identity to.
  10. Winged Guardian My exact oposite, and sister. Kind, and alway cheers me up. She is an angel, after all.
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