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    I have to say that this is one of the best Pokemon hacks I have ever played. I downloaded this yesterday and started last night, my word is it addicting! I could barely stop playing it to go do my home work. But like any hack in it beta stages I knew there would be some bug so I made sure to write down the ones I notice.

    Bugs I noticed in Beta 1.68:

    Sometimes the EXP bar does not add the EXP your PKMN just got even if the PKMN is about to go up a level

    Gary's face turns a different color after you name him.

    Palet Town:
    Can't walk to close to nightstand
    Ash's Mother floats to him after you walk out of Prof. Oak's lab after getting Pikachu
    It says Delia gives you the Town Map and Fame Checker twice

    Route 1:
    Once you get out of sight of the Spearows that block your way to Pallet Town, you can go back to the spot right after and they wont be there.

    Mt. Moon:
    Sometimes if you try to leave the cave the warp doesn't work until you back up and try again.
    If you walk back to the place where you fight Team Rocket they show up again but don't interact with you, plus you can walk through James
    If you leave the cave after taking the moonstone then return there is another moonstone there.

    Route 25:
    After you beat Joe a clear spot in the fog floats by at the top of the screen.

    That's as far as I have gotten so far, hope that helps.
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