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    Originally Posted by V0RT3X View Post
    Hi, this is my first post on this thread and i want to say that this game looks really great.
    That idea of the water ( that you can see the bottom) was really good and original.
    Also love the tiles and sprites. I wish you good luck with future updates.

    Now a few questions:
    1. Are their going to be banner to put in a signature?
    2. Any idea what the type of the next gym will be?
    3. Are their already some pictures of the other fakemon? If yes, where?
    First of all thank you! We're trying to be most original as possible, and with a pokémon game is truly difficult!

    Let's see those questions... ok!
    1. I'm currently working at it. I don't have got Photoshop, i'm trying to make it with paint (XD)
    2. We've got a complete list with all the gym leaders/ Elite4/ Great Tournament (Battle Park) bosses. The next gym (the second one) will be water-type
    3. Theorically we've already got 99% of the fakemon sprites. In the net you can find a lot of them by searching for my team-mates work (try on Deviantart ;D), anyway, we've got some top-secret ones (like the legendary one)
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