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    Originally Posted by legendaryhacker101 View Post
    Hey I am new to this I watched all your tutorials and am trying to enter a wild batlle script for the Pokemon Ho-Oh. When i put it in the game all it does is do the cry and then the screen fades and does nothing could you help me.

    Heres the script

    #org $script
    cry 0xA1 79
    #raw 0x33
    pause 0x30
    message $cry
    $cry 1 = Ho-oh: Ho-ohhhhhhhhh!
    boxset 6
    wildbattle 250 70 1
    pause 0x70
    fadescreen 1
    removesprite 1
    setflag 0x1211
    pause 0x10
    fadescreen 0
    Make sure that you have the pokescript database from lesson 4, and that you set the person's id to 1211 in advance map.

    Also, does anyone have any suggestions for any more lessons or any other tutorials at all? I'm up for mapping tutorials and such.
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