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Here's a draft of the first script I've written for the event involving the player's mother! (Using Poke Script, not XSE)

#org $mom1
setvar 0x4001 0x0
goto $mom

#org $mom2
setvar 0x4001 0x1
goto $mom

#org $mom
applymovement 0x1 whatever
message $mom3
$mom3 1 = Good morning, dear!
boxset 6
checkvarandbyte 0x4001 0x1
if b_true goto $move1
ifelse goto $move2

#org $move1
applymovement 0xFF ...whatever the movements are supposed to be
goto $mom4

#org $move2
applymovement 0xFF whatever
goto $mom4

#org $mom4
message $mom5
$mom5 1 = You should read the morning\nnewspaper,[player].\pIt says Professor Larch has\nreturned from his trip abroad\lwhere he met Professor...\pOh! The page is torn.\nI wonder what that Professor's\lname was...
boxset 6
goto $mom6

#org $mom6
message $mom7
$mom7 1 = Hmm... Let's see...
boxset 6
goto $oak

#org $oak
message $oak1
$oak1 1 = Was it Professor Oak?
compare LASTRESULT 1
if 1 goto $oak2
goto $elm

#org $elm
message $elm1
$elm1 1 = Was it Professor Elm?
compare LASTRESULT 1
if 1 goto $elm2
goto $birch

#org $birch
message $birch1
$birch1 1 = Was it Professor Birch?
boxset 5
compare LASTRESULT 1
if 1 goto $birch2
goto $mom6

#org $oak2
message $oak3
$oak3 1 = That's right, nowI remember!\pIt was Professor Oak from the\nKanto region!
setvar 0x9001 0x0
goto $mom8

#org $elm2
message $elm3
$elm3 1 = That's right, now I remember!\pIt was Professor Elm from the\nJohto region!
setvar 0x9001 0x1
goto $mom8

#org $birch2
message $birch3
$oak3 1 = That's right, now I remember!\pIt was Professor Birch from the\nHoenn region!
setvar 0x9001 0x2
goto $mom8

#org $mom8
message $mom9
$mom9 1 = Professor Larch should be\noutside.\pI'm sure his long trip has\nmade him miss being home!

I am aware that this script is neither complete nor accurate, as it is just a draft. Some help with this would be appreciated!

Here are the maps for the Thrasher Estate and for Paristorm City:

This is an earlier map of the Thrasher Estate, so yes I know the lower set of trees are one tile up. This map is accessed by using Rock Smash and walking past the sign which reads "PRIVATE PROPERTY: KEEP OUT" along the side of Route Six in the previous post.


The Thrasher Estate isn't accessed until later on in the game; inside you will, not surprisingly, be fighting top-ranking members of Thrasher. The Thrasher Mansion itself will require the player to walk on the rooftop in order to gain access to a particular area within--leading the player to walk on top of the glass windows on the roof and shatter them as if they were the ice tiles used at Icefall Cavern! Of course, that map I will show at a later time.


Paristorm City is where you will find the fourth gym. It is a Dragon-type gym and yes, the player must fight a Kingdra this early in the game. The house to the far right of the map is where a move tutor lives; it is this same move tutor who will be able to teach the starters Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, and Hydro Cannon, although you can't do this until later in the game. Among the houses is one occupied by a Team Rocket grunt; this grunt is in the midst of running a scalping operation by buying and reselling all the tickets for a ride back to Marvelight from Mantra Town. (As the fifth badge allows for the use of Surf, and the Fly HM has yet to be found, you must backtrack to Bloomful without shortcuts!) Defeat the Team Rocket Grunt and he'll run away. Track him down in Rainfall Cavern and use Strength to move a boulder out of the way to find him again. Cornered, the Rocket Grunt has no choice but to give you a ticket. After doing so, he flees.

The Shrine at the south edge of the map serves a purpose, but what EVER could that be? Note: YES I know there is a lot of empty water in this map, but that's just how I ended up making this map. I might reduce the amount of wasted space in this part by pushing the move tutor's house further down. To the left of this map is a water route which connects Springate to Paristorm.
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