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All of the gym leaders/elite four/etc are already made up. In fact, I have the entire story already put together. I've thought that if I all-out revealed everything I planned to do with the story, then all of the surprises I have in store for people who actually play the game (which I would assume would include people who see this thread), it would remove that element of surprise I want to retain.

I will, however, reveal the names of the first four gym leaders:

Bloomful Gym Leader Alawnya - Grass
Marvelight Gym Leader Bela - Science-related Pokemon
Mantra Gym Leader Mae - Psychic
Paristorm Gym Leader Eyelene - Dragon

Incidently, Mae and Eyelene are sisters.

Here are the maps west of Bloomful, accessible after you return from Paristorm City. (You obtain Cut on the S.S. Waterson, so you are able to cut that bush down now!) These three maps make up this game's path for the player to use the bike and hatch eggs.

Route Eight is a straight shot to the west with trainers along the way. This map also has the game's Pokemon Daycare, where of course the player can breed Pokemon.

Route Nine is the Resort Bridge, which also has trainers along the way. Underneath is a hidden area where the three water starters--Squirtle, Totodile, and Mudkip, can be obtained, but of course this cannot be accessed until the player can use Waterfall.

Route Ten is another straight shot west with trainers along the way, with the game's Safari Zone also on the route. The gap in the treeline is blocked by a sign in the form of a person event, which leads to a secret area within the Safari Zone. (But more on that much later!) There is also a long strip of grass at the bottom of the map with trainers and an item.

Along Route Ten you will encounter a group of Team Rocket grunts. This time, they have captured Entei! (I know I didn't post this earlier, but this same event happens with Raikou on Route Two.) Fight the Team Rocket grunt closest to you, and after his defeat, the group will run off with Entei. With this event out of the way, head west to the Vacation Resort!

The maps are attached at the bottom in the order they are connected in the game; imagine the Vacation Resort to the left of the three maps and Bloomful City to the right.
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