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    They arive in Veridian City just before sun down. "Come on we'd better get to the Pokemon center." Said Sean as a cool wind picked up. They walked through the sliding doors and asked Nurse Joy to look after their Pokemon. She said she would. Then she gave them a key and directed them to a room. "This is nice." Said Jodi looking around the room. There were two sets of bunk beds and the room was of good size. "I'll sleep here." Said Jodi pointing to the bed on the right. "Then I'll take the one on the left." Replyed Sean. They got into bed and imedeatly fell asleep.


    Thought you'd see something interesting here, didn't ya? :D

    Finally Alyssa spoke again, her eyes locked on the ball in my hand. “That isn’t an ordinary Pokeball. We call it the Soul Ball. The Pokemon inside it is very special. It represents who and what you are at the very deepest level. It is essentially your soul in physical form.”

    “My soul,” I whispered, awe struck. “So that’s what you meant by my ‘soul companion’.”