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    Slowly I plan to change the information in the first post. Alot has been modified to make better. Also here is another update. Introducint the mail system.

    Like in the first Mystery Dungeon game, there is mail. It may be waiting in your mailbox, or it may be urgently delivered. Pelliper delivers the mail diretly to your mailbox. For urgent messages, you will have to wait and find out who delivers it. Here is the first piece of mail you get.

    Rescue Team News
    All rescue teams priorties are to try and stop the gang. Whether you try to catch outlaws or clean up thier meses, it is up to you. To find a list of Pokemon known in the gang come to the Rescue Team Federation Center.

    -Rescue Team Federation

    Another Update:

    Similar to the normal Pokemon games [Not Mystery Dungeon], there will be a Berry Plant feature. When you plant a berry, you will get a tree or bush that has berries in it. You will usually get 2-3 beries if you wait the maximum amount of time. You can water them to speed them up. You can only plant a berry where there is soil.

    A update on Mothim.

    We now discovered how Mothim travelled alaround the region selling berries. He stays inside trees with golden leaves. We don't know how but the trees has a hollow area in it that maintains body heat. To find him all you do is walk in the tree.
    Pokémon Thieves Returning Soon!
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