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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Isn't easier to recruit them directly? :D
Anyways here it is.
To Espeon - Eevee must have 2 stars IQ and you need Sun Ribbon.
To Umbreon - Also 2 stars IQ but here Lunar Ribbon.
To Glaceon - You need Ice Rock (can be bought in Kecleon's shops)
To Leafeon - You need Moss Rock (also can be bought in Kecleon's shops)

But as I said it's easier to recruit them... only eeveelutions I evolved from Eevee were Glacie and Vaporeon. Others were recruited.
Well, yeah, but I'm actually using Eevee as my starter atm xD Thanks for the help anyways! (:

And one last question, where can I get Sun/Moon Ribbon? /fail ;;
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