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    Originally Posted by mercurysky View Post
    As you said, for now, graphic things are the only ones promoted. That's because our scripter disappeared some time ago... and for now our team is basically made of graphics/ pixel artists/ mapper/ eventer
    We're trying to find someone who can replace him! For now i'm doing little things in the RGSS, like adding types (light, sound and space types), but i'm totally n00b with scripts XD
    believe me, you just need some practice, and after a while you can do it yourself.
    I started at visual basics as a complete noob but i passed it on school.
    Then i started with java, couldn't be worst at the start but at the end i programmed 2 simple java games.
    So i guess that you just need some practice and at the end you'll be as good as any other scripter.