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  1. 22sa+ Pedophile/stalker.
  2. BlaziquazaLv.Z - seen
  3. Derozio+ VMs daily
  4. LanceTheDark - I've never heard of
  5. mewthree w/armor - Dun ban me, Admin! D:
  6. Misty4Life+ Hi Mist! :D I hope you have an awesome time with those claims...only one of which involved Clannad ;;
  7. Netto Azure+ Finally watched Clannad :D Enjoy the rest of its tearfulness~
  8. S a z i ♫◦ - Pair of #1, victim.
  9. xXI JOE IXx+ Daily stalker...nah, I'm joking. You're awesome!
  10. ~Momo Uchiha~+ Hey, Momo.

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