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Originally Posted by yossarian View Post
As a mentioned in another thread, Nintendo are getting the bulk of their money from the Pokemon franchise from the games. I'm not sure if they make anything from the Anime and so it wouldn't beyond the realms of possibility for Nintendo to release a 5th generation set of pokemon but only for the games, and not have an Anime based on it.
Ultimately, the anime is just a large commercial for the games. It's a major driving force for the sales of the games. A lot of people discovered Pokemon through Ash Ketchum, and more people still are. If the anime ended, game sales would most likely drop as well.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Ho-oh and Lugia didn't use telepathy, and only made loud screeches, like Dialga and Palkia. Hopefully we do get to hear voices, since Lugia was talking in Movie 2.
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