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    Ok I have a trhead up on my Idea and need supporters.

    You have just turned 11 ((you will find out why...)) and you live in pallet town.You go downstairs and you see your dad.(A first since RSE and you'll find out why.))He tells you he got a job at the Petalburg Gym in the Hoenn region.He gives you an EEVEE to remember him by. You then go to Prof Oak's lab to find that Birch Oak and Elm are there having a meeting about a roup of trainers supposedly visiting there.Eight Trainers sudenly walk in (( Gary, the Opposite trainer of the Boy/girl you chose, Gold, Silver,Ruby Sapphire, Wally and,Crys(have to make her sprite).They have a huge table with Nine Pokeballs.from there you can choose any of the three fire Water and Grass pokemon.before you leave, Gary asks you to battle him,as he has your weakness type.Aftee the battle,Everyone left on their journey and you have to get a Parcel by request on Prof Oak.From there, you battle Your Opposite Gender at the pathway into route 1 as she/he has your same type. Then you head to Viridian City and battle Wally who,you have the advantage against.After the battle,you get the Parcel and Gold and Crys get you to head bakc to the lab with them and everyone gets their pokedex((already National.))You then start on yoru journey through kanto,Facing your rivals and Gym Leaders along the way,before every Gym battle((Eight Trainers and Gym Leaders...))and head to the first eliete Four. there is more to the story than just that.

    All three regions
    A tournament at the end of story
    natl Pokedex at the start
    Tale of the Legendaries
    first 386 pokemon.