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    Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
    I'm having a slight problem, how exactly are the new sethealingplace variables supposed to work in a script? Could you please give an example? I've tried a few things on my own, but I keep ending up at Map 0.0, the link battle map.
    I was confused at first as well, but it's pretty simple actually.

    I just did this for my own hack, but it should be easy to copy for yourself.

    sethealingplace 0x1 
    setvar 0x405a 0x0003 'Map.Bank: 00.03'
    setvar 0x405b 0x0005 'X: 05'
    setvar 0x405c 0x000c 'Y: 0C'
    Just replace the hexidecimal numbers as needed and insert into your script.

    Note: sethealingplace 0x1 is for places without a healing machine. If you want to use a PokéCenter, use sethealingplace 0x0.

    btw JPAN, when I do get returned to sethealingplace 0x1 after whiting out, the text from the Mom healing script is displayed. Is it because of sethealingplace 0x1 or because of special 0x0?
    MOM: [PLAYER]! Welcome home.
    It sounds like you had quite an experience.
    Maybe you should take a quick rest.
    and so on.
    Anyway can you change that or should I just do it myself through A-Text?
    edit: hmm, it seems that A-Text can't edit that bit of dialogue, or at least as far as I see it can't. I MUST FIND ANOTHER PATH.
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