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    Well I mean that at the end of the game, he will be 13 because when you beat the Eliete Four a year will pass by in a time skip and you can acess the next region.He is Inded Norman but You wont move,The maps will be biger and contain CITIES instead of their usual 2 house format.Its not a copy and paste, even if it seems like that I may give the trainer Pokeballs when he leaves the First Time around with the Pokedex, and I may switch the EEvee with a good Luck Charm, which will tie into the story later.Gold and Krys are there because You met them at the Lab along with every one else,I will increase difficultiy pokemonThe story will explain Team Rocket's Rising,The Truth behind Silver, Reports of Magma and Aqua, All three teasm coming together and tries to take over the world by summoning a legendary pokemon, using Events that happened in the story.The Police will be involved, after each encounter with the Teams and Im just tryng to explain the Jist of the story insted of the full thing because Im trying to make it unexpected yet good enough to say"THIS IS WHAT NINTENDO SHOULDVE MADE!!!"