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Originally Posted by sky_queen3 View Post
Doesn't look like what I had in mind, I didn't mean the picture of the Eevee itself, I think I can do that but the and the ? that appeared above Eevee's head. Thank you though, I see why I didn't make enough sense.
The #raw 0x66 didn't work?

Here's my problem... I patched ROM with Shinyzer and I'm trying to make trainer's pokemon shiny. I did it exactly like HM has it in his tut, also used trainer with 5 pokemon and second + third pokemon shiny but when I talk to NPC the game freezes.
Here's a script.

#dynamic 0xA00000
#org @start
setvar 0x8003 0xC05
trainerbattle 0x0 0x1 0x0 0x8A080EB 0x8A08100
msgbox 0x8A08170
callstd 0x6
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