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Originally Posted by Amachi View Post
I was confused at first as well, but it's pretty simple actually.

I just did this for my own hack, but it should be easy to copy for yourself.

sethealingplace 0x1 
setvar 0x405a 0x0003 'Map.Bank: 00.03'
setvar 0x405b 0x0005 'X: 05'
setvar 0x405c 0x000c 'Y: 0C'
Just replace the hexidecimal numbers as needed and insert into your script.

Note: sethealingplace 0x1 is for places without a healing machine. If you want to use a PokéCenter, use sethealingplace 0x0.

btw JPAN, when I do get returned to sethealingplace 0x1 after whiting out, the text from the Mom healing script is displayed. Is it because of sethealingplace 0x1 or because of special 0x0?

Anyway can you change that or should I just do it myself through A-Text?
edit: hmm, it seems that A-Text can't edit that bit of dialogue, or at least as far as I see it can't. I MUST FIND ANOTHER PATH.
What so you mean? A-Text edits it perfectly fine. I edited it to make a "healing PC"... before I found this patch.

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