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What Is This?

I plan for this to be the first game in a series of games. The game series is called, "United Knights and the Black Crusades." As for the first game title, I will come up with it soon. I don't know if the details listed below will be one whole game, or spread out into multiple games. So I hope you enjoy reading, and please post your comments and suggestions in the forums!



A long time ago (long before Generation 1 of the Pokemon Games) a medieval way of life was spread across the Pokemon World. Huge battles were waged, countries were formed, and massive armies marched throughout the lands. This way of fighting stood the test of time, until a new way of fighting was discovered. Pokemon battling. The creatures inhabiting the lands were found to be catchable with strange acorns. And so a movement began. However, most governments of the Pokemon World only thought of "Pokemon training" as a sport or a game. Of course, one group of people took Pokemon training to the next level, and used Pokemon battling as an act of warfare. Furthermore, the elite organization formed to help maintain peace in the world, called the United Knights (they are like the United Nations), were found to be corrupt (of course). Instead of helping the world, they filled their pockets with gold.
The United Knights were the only force that could stop the evil armies that spread throughout the lands; can the countries unite and prevail the invading force? Or will they crumble to dust under its evil might?

Main Storyline

The main character (You) is born into a medieval Pokemon World. After your father stands up to the corrupt organization, and disappears, you decide to leave your village to find your father (You are 17-18 years old). On your journey, you fight the evil armies and gather a following of people. As you delve deeper into the twisted sinister plot, you find clues as to your father's whereabouts. Is he alive...or dead?

Side Quests

Shadow Times - A quest revealing the history of how one of the sinister "teams" of the future arose
The Tin Tower of Burning Trees - Live through some of the events of the Pokemon Legendaries (like the Tin Tower Pokemon flying away and it burning down, etc.)
Cleansing the Darkness - This goes along with the main quest; you have to fix a problem in each country that may or may not have been caused by the evil armies (a black plague, a civil war, a rebellion, a drought, etc.)
Masters of the Future - Delve into the past of Ash and Lance (and others too) and do quests for their ancestors
Rise of William - An evil guy (around your age) takes his army of men and destoys villages and is employed by the evil armies. You have to stop him
Past Events Mean Future Destruction - Discover why William is so evil and help him reveal his past



  • Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, the Orange Islands, the Sevii Islands, and Mintale Town are all playable
  • Almia, Fiore, Holon, Orre, Pokemon Island, and the TCG Islands are not discovered yet, but will be featured in later games
  • All Pokemon obtainable (except for Mew, Mewtwo, some Legendaries, and a few others)
  • Meet ancient characters (like Ash's great grandparents, Lance's great grandparents, etc.)
  • Discover where life began on the Pokemon World, and see how some large institutions began
  • A medieval society
  • Castles instead of cities
  • Ride a horse instead of a bicycle
  • Get your own castle!

Main Character's

The main character (You) is a 17-18 year old teenager. He has a close relationship with his father, whom is kidnapped early in the game. He has short cut brown hair with brown eyes and a wide grin. Very wise and noble at his young age, he still has a bit of a temper. Throughout the story Aaron grows and becomes a man. He ends up gathering a following of people and takes the evil armies head on. Thinking about his father during the whole adventure, Aaron is pure of heart and will always help someone in need. He is an expert bowman.

Aaron's Father
As the protagonist's father, he is drafted into the military to fight for his country (Kanto) against the evil armies. As the United Knights send back Kanto's troops to save money, Aaron's father does not return. When Aaron and his mother check the return roster he's not posted on it as dead or returning. Aaron's father is a man that loves his family. He is brave and very loyal to his country. However, if there is injustice and corrupt people in the land he will not tolerate it. He has a brown beard with soft brown eyes. An average height and a strong build make out his body. He is a good swordsman and taught Aaron about the basics of Pokemon training.

The extreme foil of Aaron, he is brutal and has pure anger and hatred in his heart. He also gathers a following of people (criminals, molesters, creepy people). Throughout the game, William shows hatred and suffering. He begins to change as Aaron helps him solve his past. William has black hair with brown, dark eyes. He's normal height, and an expert swordsman.

Positions Available

Spriter - 3
Scripter - 3
System Programmer - 3
Mapper - 4
Face Maker - 2
Title Screen/Icon/Menu's (TSIM) Maker - 2
Writer - 1
Anything else? (These numbers are just approximate; I may need more or less!)


Position Wanted - (Spriter, System Programmer, etc.) You can choose as many positions as you want!
Proof of Work - (You can post it, or just tell me to look somewhere for it)
Contact Information - (Email address)

The Team

Me -Everything


Poccil - sprites
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