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Pokémon Crystal;
I just restarted it last week. I figure with Uni and everything, I should just about finish it by the time HeartGold and SoulSilver are due out in the UK. ^.^

Currently... Just beat my Rival in the Burned Tower. "Hmph, what are you doing falling into a hole? Some genius you are! Serves you right!" Thanks, Silver. NOW STOP SNARKING AT ME AND GET A ROPE.

Poliwag ♂ Level 21
Item: None
Bubble / Hypnosis / Water Gun / DoubleSlap

Croconaw ♂ Level 20
Item: Quick Claw
Dig / Water Gun / Rage / Mud-Slap

Oddish ♀ Level 20
Item: None
Absorb / Sleep Powder / Cut / PoisonPowder

Drowzee ♂ Level 18
Item: None
Pound / Disable / Hypnosis / Confusion

Growlithe ♀ Level 16
Item: None
Bite / Roar / Ember

Tauros ♀ Level 13
Item: None
Tackle / Tail Whip / Rage / Horn Attack

How's your thirst for adventure, Captain?
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