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I don't remember any of my older teams from years ago. In Silver (which was the first Pokemon game I played), I started with a Cyndaquil named Cindy (I'm pretty sure it was male...), and that's all I remember. I think I caught Lugia, and I believe I made it to the Elite Four as well... I can't believe I don't remember my team. I may have had an Umbreon, as well as a Politoed. With the exception of Lugia, I think it was actually a reasonable team for a 7 year old...

For Yellow, I still had my Pikachu, as well as the starters. I also had this amazing Dugtrio, but it was the only thing I trained. Guess what happened when I went up against Lorelei?

I started a new Silver file a few months ago. First time actually beating Red, because I always made it to the Elite Four and I would just forget about it.

My team was (including nicknames):
Male Typhlosion (Yero)
Female Xatu (Fae)
Female Scyther (Sherry)
Female Wigglytuff (Elle)
Male Lapras (Jamie)
Male Umbreon (Gabe)
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