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Okay, I took off a little time as this past week was a little busy. Now for some news on the game:

I am trying to make the first script, but I can't seem to make it work properly. I have a post in the Script Help Thread with more information on that.

Today's maps include a lake route north of Bloomful, Sinishade City (the sixth gym town), the Azurect Community (the seventh gym), the Omen Path, and Victrial Town.

Lake Route:

The first immediately noticeable thing about this map is the weird tree tiles that seemingly cut into the mountain. In the game, this won't be seen by the player as a conflict, so I see no real problem with it.

In the bottom-left corner is an area similar to G/S/C's Route 34. Up North is Sinishade, and the entrance to the Royal Forest is blocked by Rocket grunts for now.

Sinishade City:

This town is pretty big, with a Department Store, a Game Corner, Gym (Ghost), a Graveyard, and houses.

If the player tries to leave Sinishade City from the north, a voice will prevent them from doing so. It will require a Silph Scope to progress further.

Later on in the game, the player will have to go underground and infiltrate the Sinishade Lab to disrupt Team Rocket's plans in Centiq. What could those plans be?

Azurect Community:

After obtaining the sixth badge from Sinishade, go to Marvelight City and surf from the small path hidden within the large buildings. After passing through a few water routes, the player will arrive at this location. The Azurect Community gets its name from the small community of scientists researching the ruins said to be buried underneath the island. A scientist will block you from entering the cave on this island, telling you it's far too dangerous to do so.

After completing his research on a genetic specimen said to have come to the Centiq region from a meteor, Bela is now at the Azurect Community, on the verge of a big discovery. As you enter his Azurect Gym, he will have uncovered an Old Amber and turn to greet you. His roster this time around is an all-fossil team. After you beat him, he will give you the Old Amber he dug up. You can take this to Marvelight City's laboratory and have it revived.

When you return to Marvelight, a woman whose Meowth has run away asks you to help her find the cat. Similar to cornering Farfetch'd in the Ilex Forest, you must find a way to direct Meowth towards the woman. After you accomplish this, the woman gives you a Silph Scope, which she assumed would help her find her lost Meowth.

With a Silph Scope in hand, try to exit north of Sinishade. The voice will try to attack, revealing itself to be a Gengar. Catch it!

Omen Path:

Along this route which prominently features a skull, you will find trainers and many Dark and Ghost Pokemon. Could there be a hidden meaning behind the name?

Victrial Town:

This is Victrial Town, the last town in the game. Upon entering, a man in a suit will come out of the Pokemon Center and mutter something about justice. He will then head north and disappear. To the west is an old man who will prevent you from passing unless you have collected all eight badges; he blocks the way to the Pokemon League HQ.

Without much to do, head north towards the location of the final badge, Mt. Frozis...
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