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Originally Posted by craZ pokefan
my idea is that you start ina a police boot camp and you get your starter a hoothoot if ur a boy or a growlithe if ur a girl. after u get ur starter u learn how to battle and den you learn how to arrest a team rocket/aqua/magma player.
you earn up to ten star badges and then you can get into the military and choose which move type you would like to use (fire,water,ice,grass,etc.)
This seems to be more of a game concept than a storyline.

Why do you necessarily have to join the military and choose a specific type of Pokemon to use when you start out in law enforcement - The military and police force are completely different entities and have a whole range of different skills and objectives under normal circmstances. Besides, wouldn't you just get up graded to SWAT or become a police commissioner or something like that?