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    I was just laying the basis of the story, obviously more would take place but i was just jotting down whatever ran through my head, maybe oak was thinking heck no nobody's gonna screw with my ash, when i said lighthearted i didnt quite mean it, at the end of the first movie though mewtwo turned somewhat "good" and that is what i was referring to, and maybe bill the pokemaniac gets thrown in to use his machine that joined him to a pokemon and they throw ash into it and separates him from evil, then they have a pure evil pokemon (some fakemon, i should come up with one) that alarms another legendary not used in the cave (lets say raquaza) and he goes to the scene and you have an all out brawl, maybe tie in deoxys somehow but i have no idea on how to do that, eventually i want an all out brawl in the end that you and ash have to fend off, i think that would be awesome, i do apreciate your opinions though and i really hope i can do this when i learn how to hack decently. =P
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