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    Tried PMing this to SL but it said his PM inbox was full...??? so posting here instead (I'm guessing that was pokehacker's problem too)

    Name: Tim Baker
    Gender: Male
    Position: Music Composer
    Email: [email protected]
    Proof of work:

    Although it looks like I'm catching this a bit late. Hopefully there's still some musical work to be done.

    Edit: Aaaand my URL got filtered. Yeah, about that: I know spamming is a significant problem, but...sheesh. 14 more to go.

    Maybe I can 733T H4X0RZ my way in...let's try this:
    HTTP [COLON] [DOUBLE SLASH] electrosymphonica [DOT] webs [DOT] com

    BY JOVE! It worked!

    just typing a bunch of stuff to lengthen my message to at least 25 characters....GRRR what is with these forum filters anyway
    Tim "Cybermouse" Baker
    <:8( )~

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