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Originally Posted by >Feelings< View Post
I really wonder what the story of the 13th movie will be...

I have a feeling that Lugia and Ho-oh will only have screeches and will not speak telepathically. That's because if they actually talked, then all problems could be solved and they wouldn't even fight.
If this Lugia cannot speak telepathically, then it probably won't be from the orange islands in the second movie. If it can speak, then there is a great chance that it will be from the second movie.

This movie could have a great potential to give a proper ending to the anime series if its story was designed to be that good.
But it's way too soon in terms of Nintendo and Gamefreak's sense to end it, specially when they have got four leagues to master, one league left to even be challenged, a badge left, and a battle frontier left.
Moreover, two new characters have been added who has a long way to go, and it feels like they are gonna make a filler season containing Johto and the Battle Frontier and more contests.

Although... if Ho-Oh and Lugia could talk telepathically...... that would be just........ EPIC WIN. :D

Plus, it would make things a little more interesting. You'll get a true feel for their character if they talk telepathically then them just screaming/screeching all the time.

Just my opinion, though.


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