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Originally Posted by Stop Messing Up My Files, Porygon-Z! View Post
So first I want to go to Zero Isle East. But there's one problem: I don't know what to bring. I know I should bring 3 Max Elixirs, my Tight Belt which I obtained by Wonder Mail codes in Darkness and traded to Sky, and at least 7 Reviver Seeds. But, I don't know what else I could stuff in my Bag.
Personally, I took a Mobile Scarf, a few Reviver Seeds, and all the Apples/Big Apples I could carry, simply running away from everything. It got a bit tense on the Haunter/Misdreavus floors, but it got me to the end.

digression~ in Sky, I was walking in Mt. Mistral, and found some hidden stairs. They led to a room with 5 Deluxe Boxes. Has anyone else seen this?