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    Originally Posted by Amachi View Post
    So no, this isn't way to split the physical and special attacks like in 4th gen.
    Excuse me, but I disagree of you. Because the Japanese hackers discovered a way to do it. One of the unofficial patches for Touhou Puppet Play (aka Touhoumon) adds the Diamond & Pearl Skill System a FR hack. In 3rd Generation, Fire Punch does special-type damage, but with this patch he does physical-type damage, like the 4th Generation games. If you play it , you will see the DPSS on the skills, like the 4th Gen games.. We only need to discover HOW they made it. I'm not sure if hex editing would be the way, but that patch is enough proof of his existence. Maybe this could require hard coding (ASM or C), but a way do exists, that is for sure.

    I has a theory, is something like, they make new types (like a "special Normal" or "physical Fire") and had success to add it on the game. I'll will post it later, because I will make sure that my post won't be misunderstood (English is not my native language and I'm on a hurry here). Yeah, I know this is a not-Pokémon related hack, but all of us can have benefit of this discovery.

    I got only a already patched ROM right now, but I going to make a patch and upload it for anyone interested. You can get some information (in english) in Touhou Wiki. Search on google for "Touhou Wiki" and "Touhou Puupet Play" (since I can't post links with my first post)

    On there, in "Unofficial Patches" n.103. is the patch I'm talking about it.

    Sorry for the first post
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