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Pokémon Crystal
So much for just finishing by the time HG/SS comes out - I beat the E4 today. XD

Just defeated the Indigo League and taken the S. S. Aqua to Kanto. Caught a Murkrow, then defeated Lieutenant Surge. Now in Lavender Town. :3

MURKROW [Shinji - Because Paul owned one in the Anime.]
Level 27 [M]
Peck / Night Shade / Haze / Fly

FERALIGATR [Todd - After "Todd Snapp" from PokéSpec.]
Level 38 [M] [Quick Claw]
Slash / Whirlpool / Surf / Icy Wind

HYPNO [House - After Doctor Gregory House.]
Level 39 [M] [Ice Berry]
Shadow Ball / Hypnosis / ThunderPunch / Confusion

SNEASEL [Emerald - After Emerald from PokéSpec.]
Level 36 [M] [NeverMeltIce]
Ice Punch / Faint Attack / Cut / Screech

ARCANINE [Cordelia - After Cordelia Gray from P. D. James.]
Level 39 [F] [Amulet Coin]
Sunny Day / Take Down / Flame Wheel / DragonBreath

TAUROS [Brandon - After Brandon from PokéSpec.]
Level 38 [M] [Pink Bow]
Strength / Pursuit / Iron Tail / Horn Attack

How's your thirst for adventure, Captain?
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