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    Hmm.. Ok maybe that wasn't the best idea, I'm gonna change it back so that the spearow overworlds chase you..
    Thank you very much for the comments you 2 guys, but there clearly isn't consistent interest in this project, so I'm gonna put it on hiatus for a little while.. I've got some more problems now and I just need to concentrate on them at the moment, maybe in a while I'll be able to spend some time on Indigo League.. It just takes too much out of me to sprite/map/event/script atm, sorry..
    Btw, in case anyone didn't realize, Indigo League was the name given to the original season of Pokemon aired in the US (and in Australia).. I thought it would be a suitable title, and it has attracted a lot of thread views, but not many who respond... Whats the problem?
    Ok so feel free to let this thread sink to the bottom of the pile, please don't try to keep it alive with a small post, I'll update it when I'm ready to.

    Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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