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    Originally Posted by Holy Star View Post
    If, when I put up the first beta, you have trouble making it work, PM me and I'll help you out!

    Here is a sprite of Allen, the rival of the game (thank you NiKaNoRoU! ;D):


    Wearing a dark grey hoodie, with a lock of hair laying over part of his face, Allen is the hero's longtime friend. Within the game, Allen will appear to the player as a somewhat effeminate character; his dialogue is intended to sound like that of a soft-spoken individual. Not surprisingly, Allen can be thought of as homosexual--and herein lies an internal conflict; unsure of his own sexuality, Allen fears being considered weak. To prove that he is strong, his first Pokemon is the Superpower Pokemon Machop. For Allen, Machop symbolizes his desire to be thought strong.

    Wow.. Allen is actually quite a good character to add in (Troubled about Sexuality, feeling weak.. You have turned him from a pixelated Character into a somewhat realistic person. Congratulations for that one fact.. (And the beauty of the maps.)
    Heya Folks =D

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