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    Before posting I completely understand if you are tired of these promising looking rom hacks that end up being horrible. I hope this story will become a great game if we get a good team!

    Hack name: Pokemon Old Ages
    Hack of: Fire Red, but not 100% sure.
    Additional information about the hack: Please refer to my scrap box post (Pokemon Old Ages, can't post URL's yet xD)
    Finished percentage: So far none, I am looking for a team to help me out
    Your hacking skills: I MIGHT do some mapping. Besides that, only storyline. I have enough free time that I can figure it out. 3-11 on weekdays and all the time otherwise (Unless I'm doing something like service hours, darn private school...) I have no life so I'm on all the time
    What help or skill you're looking for:
    1. Mapper
    2. Scripter
    3. Spriter
    4. Someone that can edit sprites and maps, or palettes I guess.
    5. If there's an important job I didn't mention, contact me. The more, the merrier!
    Additional contact information: Skype:cheerios64, or PM me.
    Additional information: I hope to have a good team. Feel free to pass me by if you are completely tired of all of these hacks. Please and Thank You!!

    Thanks Tuck! Plus, Funky Kong is only awesome outside Mario Kart Wii
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