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    hi to everybody!
    today I have a small news that I hope you like ^ ^
    It deals with an ancient statue, hidden in the ROUTE 601, next to LITTLE TOWN.
    During the trip, in the MIDAMOND, a lot of other statues can be found whose histories are all connected ones among them...
    but, particularly this statue is the most important of everybody.
    it represents the symbol of the peace, therefore, accordingly it will have to whether to do with the peace..

    But does thing the "peace" with crono??
    the answer is.... Everything!
    During the carrying out of the history, the player will arrive to a moment in which it will have to understand the true meaning of the Peace, and to do will have to return to the origins of the time, to the origins of everything to be able to know the origin of the good and the evil.

    I want to specify that I am very seriously taking the job to my hack..
    I don't do him/it to occupy my leisure time..
    I work to crono when I have desire of it, when I'm inspired..
    this means that it will be a very different crono beforehand, that will be inspired very more to the reality, to my way of seeing the world.
    Taking as example the tied up event to the symbol of the peace, I won't confine me to speak of the peace to vague way as you/he/she is usually done, but I will analyze it in all of his aspects...
    the origin of the symbol, because it is done so, who has done it..
    trying to give, for the most greater part of the times, an answer that corresponds to the reality, and when instead it won't be possible, I will leave space to the imagination..

    For this event, I will tell a brief history of the symbol, through a group of Hippy (what me it considered "fanatical" of the peace), that will have also a way "strange" to speak, that a conception of the world will have founded on the peace and the love.

    It will hardly find me possible, I will show you my last novelties..
    for the time being..
    I leave you an image of this new script!
    I hope likes you!