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Using a program called GBA2MID, I extracted an midi file from my Emerald rom. Then I changed the key of the song using another program, then created an .s file with mid2agb, but it doesn't work when I try to re-insert it over the original song using Sappy.

After I click on "Assemble That Ugly Thing", a message pops up asking if I want the proper header or something like that. I click, "Yes," then I press the play button, but nothing plays, and Sappy just closes on me. If I open Sappy up again and select the song I tried to insert, the tracks don't even show up on screen, and if I press play it closes on me.

Now can someone tell me why this is happening? And is there another way to change the key of a song than the method I'm doing?
Seriously, can someone help me with this? All I did was extract a song, change the key, and then try to re-insert it.