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    Originally Posted by Altiar View Post
    I cant wait to see more about this

    Originally Posted by FlaafyFTW View Post
    Hi =) I've been a follower on these forums for ages, but ive never really posted but id just like to say i adore your game. It has so many outstanding features tht makes it so unique - i'll be downloading the demo for sure.
    So just thanks for sharing your game with us really and keep up the good work!
    Glad to hear you'll be playing the demo. Thanks for the support!

    Originally Posted by ~NeOn~ View Post
    One of the best games I have ever seen.
    All this great. One of the things I liked most is from the GUI. This excellent!
    Keep up great work.
    Good luck!
    Thanks. Not sure what you're saying by GUI though...

    Originally Posted by Zeide View Post
    You might wanna add the ideas to the first page and change the font...Green font on a Green background doesn't work buddy...

    I'll be editing the first post soon so don't worry. It's a bit outdated. I might even see if I can get a new look for the first post and updates.

    Originally Posted by MexicoolBoy View Post
    Awesome graphical style!!! This tiles are amazing!
    I'm not sure but, maybe, you have to give credits to WesleyFG for the tiles...
    Thanks. All tiles are by me or 44tim44, I've never used wesley's tiles.

    Originally Posted by ArchXDeath View Post
    I haven't ever posted here, so I'll say it now...Seriously, great job. I almost stopped looking here because people stopped posting...good thing I checked again!
    Yeah post count is what usually drives people away or towads a thread, keep checking back for more updates!

    Originally Posted by Tudj View Post
    Whoa, also trying not to sound like a n00b, but the tiles and screenies of this game is unearthly. Hope to see more updates.
    Don't worry you don't. I'll be posting more updates later this week.

    Originally Posted by PokeGamerExtreme View Post
    This is the best game I have seen storywise. I just love the idea of loosing your Pokemon while trying to go to a new region and then it's like Deja-Vu, or however you spell that:P I also like your tiles alot. Did you make all of them? This game is looking really good so far, keep it up!
    Thanks, the idealist and I try to make the plot of the game as interesting as it gets. Who knows you might even be reunited with your old pokemon later in the game!

    Originally Posted by PokemonOI View Post
    Anything new SL? been a while and your sig is amazing....
    Yeah I usually a post sneak peak to an update in my sig every now and then.

    Originally Posted by Nyu~♥! View Post
    man, I'm jealous of the attention other games get. Yours, for example.
    Those tiles are very good.
    Thank you!

    Originally Posted by Pokepoke1222 View Post
    You going to use other Pokeballs, not just the regular ones? Like in
    I'm going to be using all pokeballs included in the Pokemon Starter Kit which would be all the ones in the 3rd gen.

    Originally Posted by Ven View Post
    Wow, why is this game so underrated?
    Seems like the best games always go under the radar...
    Anyways, you have got to be the most dedicated developer on this forum.
    These tiles are amazing, and so is your mapping, the dusknoir event is just as amazing.
    Yeah they do don't they? Nowadays I don't have time to post updates so maybe why the thread has been so quiet...

    Originally Posted by pokehacker100 View Post
    e-mail:[email protected]
    position:beta tester
    proof of work:none
    Originally Posted by ArchXDeath View Post
    I'm pretty sure you're supposed to pm this to SL...but I'm not 100% sure.
    Yeah please pm me any job application. Oh and please check the first post on open positions. We don't need any more beta testers at the moment.

    Originally Posted by dexter View Post
    this a smoking game no kidding
    Lol thanks!

    Originally Posted by cybermouse8 View Post
    Tried PMing this to SL but it said his PM inbox was full...??? so posting here instead (I'm guessing that was pokehacker's problem too)

    Name: Tim Baker
    Gender: Male
    Position: Music Composer
    Email: [email protected]
    Proof of work:

    Although it looks like I'm catching this a bit late. Hopefully there's still some musical work to be done.

    Edit: Aaaand my URL got filtered. Yeah, about that: I know spamming is a significant problem, but...sheesh. 14 more to go.

    Maybe I can 733T H4X0RZ my way in...let's try this:
    HTTP [COLON] [DOUBLE SLASH] electrosymphonica [DOT] webs [DOT] com

    BY JOVE! It worked!

    just typing a bunch of stuff to lengthen my message to at least 25 characters....GRRR what is with these forum filters anyway
    Got your pm.

    Originally Posted by ArchXDeath View Post
    Eh? Forum Filters?! Isn't this a thread though?
    That would make sense...maybe SL is really busy...
    Yeah High School's a pain. Progress is slow.

    Originally Posted by zein View Post
    jeje i like this game,is awesome.

    Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
    SL, I played the demo up until The park or whatever, and let me tell you, it's amazing. The tiles are just, gorgeous. The maps are great! (First town is a bit big, simply cause i cant run =/) I love this game so much! I'm gonna play it more tommorow.
    How far does it go approximately?

    I know what I'm voting for for GotY ;)
    Glad to hear you're enjoying the demo AR! Made sure a remapped all the maps before the demo release so it's great to hear that they turned out alright. You'll get your running shoes when you get your pokedex. The demo goes up to the commander Saturn battle (shortly after the 2nd gym) so that's a lot of gameplay.

    Anyway, Thanks for your vote!

    Alright some announcements.

    First of all, there are some bugs/oddities in the demo. I'll be posting a list tommorow.
    Second there is a secret to be discovered in the demo that happens after you beat Saturn. First 2 who find it get to have character based off themeselves in upcoming Ranger Board Quests.

    And now for the huge announcement. OG has volunteered to become the Co-Founder of Pokemon Ryen! He'll be helping with some of the scripting and other stuff. He's the reason we know have the beautiful menu in the demo and the Vs animation was by him as well. So welcome to the team OG!

    For those of you who haven't downloaded the demo already. Here it is!

    Pokemon Ryen

    What is Pokemon Ryen?:

    Pokemon Ryen is a fan game made using Rpg maker Xp and Pokemon Essentials. It was a fangame that began as a g/s/c remake then an interpretation of the orange league to what it is today, a sequel of Fire Red and Leaf Green in which Red and Blue are replaced with new characters. Through various efforts and harships the Pokemon Ryen team, Universal Dreams, managed to put together a demo containing 2 gyms. The team composed and remixed music and sprited several tiles which are now visible in many of Ryen's beautiful towns and cities. And...Who could ever forget the idealists. Although I may have left them without work for a while, sorry about that, they surely did play a large role in the development of the game. Other people also helped me when I had computer problems or needed some heping with scripting. People such as OG, FMP, and PyroXD, and many others. Without the help of the whole community I would have never gotten this far into my project. So now without further ado here's an inside of the story.


    Small and simple description seen at the Nintendo Fangame Convetion which Ryen won best Pokemon game for:

    A pokemon fangame made using Rpg maker xp featuring a boy/girl's journey after becoming Champion of the Kanto region. Through his/her journeys they meet friends, establish bonds, and discover secrets about their identities. Is everything they know about their past a lie? Do the return of strange dreams they encountered as children mean impending doom for the Ryen region?


    And the Demo Link is Here:

    Don't use any of the graphics/ tiles/ music of the game as most of it is custom and belongs to Pokemon Ryen.

    Pokemon Ryen
    We're back!

    You've waited and now we're back!

    Stay tuned!

    Stuff that i've been kepping secret from PC.