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    Originally Posted by klofkac View Post
    Can you make more ips patches for different ruby versions? I and many others still have that problem. There are many different pokémon Ruby versions and the ips patch works just on one of them... And it's very hard to find it. I've downloaded 3 Ruby versions and used the ips on them. Two of them didn'n work at all (black/white screen, frozen game) and only one of them is playable, but it still has black title screen and black region map screen...
    (There are also many problems with patching other Ruby-based hack games, so it's better to hack Emerald version, i think there is only one version of it and it's more modern).
    It actually works, have you tried changing the Save Types and Reset it?

    Anyways, nice updates, Dante.
    The Peace Symbol is nicely made.

    Good luck.
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