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  1. ●•ΛΣЯӨЩ•●+: VMed.
  2. airindia787 : VMed.
  3. Asthenos : A friend of my friend. xD
  4. Decapitated Goat+ : Weird friend. ;3
  5. iWrestledACatOnce+ : Yakitate fan(just like me!! xD).
  6. Jordan+ : <3 Taught me CSS.
  7. pokehacker100+ : New friend. Is also from India.
  8. psycho blade+ : Best friend(in real life). <3
  9. Schnider: My alt. xD
  10. Suikun: An old friend. She's also a friend of psycho blade. ;D
This page has had 3,457 visits

Well, looks like I'll cross the 5k mark soon. xD
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