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    Originally Posted by tImE View Post
    I've just started playing te demo, SL, and Everything is looking awsome!
    (Well except for quite a few text errors, xD)
    The story is reallly interesting, and the maps are beautiful!

    Can't wait to get home from school to play again!

    Demo spoiler.
    BTW, That Pokemon Ranger was really mean, I won the battle and I still didn't get to be a ranger :'( xD

    Thanks. Yeah there are a few text errors like Florinda using i instead of I when talking to her (can't believe I missed that).

    And lol yeah that's how I wanted the Ranger to act. His ow is not final btw. I didn't have time to make him an ow so I just used the Lan ow I made

    Originally Posted by ~JV~ View Post
    I was one of the lucky ones to download the game while the link was on xD, I have only started playing the game so I'm not doing any deep criticizing now, but I have to say, it's amazing, tiles are beaultiful and it was possible to see that the events were made in "solid" way. I don't see many bugs ;].
    Thanks Jv. Glad you're enjoying the game! New link is up btw. There are few tiles I forgot to set to unpassable so those aren't really bugs right?

    Originally Posted by riceeman View Post
    The link has stopped working:

    I think you should reupload it somewhere else, possibly Megaupload? really can't wait to play this ^_^
    Originally Posted by H2O Turquoise View Post
    You should try Sendspace, the same thing happened to me as it did to riceeman.
    ASAP please! I need to play it!
    Originally Posted by dudleyspud View Post
    The link to download the demo has surpassed the limit. :(

    Originally Posted by FlaafyFTW View Post
    Nooooooooooo! Limit reached! =(
    I actually really can't wait to play!
    Originally Posted by Beam Me Up, Furry Bandit! View Post
    omg! could u put it on megaupload...rapidshare is mean and wont let me download it!
    Sorry about that, new link:
    I've edited the previous post with the new link as well. Unfotunately I can't edit the one in the Game of the Year thread as it is locked.
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