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as I did with Mythic Legends, Ill spot a mini review of this game for those interested.

The Good
- Nice change of pace with the visuals and a decent story to boot
- Very Good Variety on the Wild Pokemon available
- Gym battles are genuinely challenging and thoroughly enjoyable

The Bad
- you could've left the VS Seeker for us the end of the beta to keep things interesting. even though you said you left extras at the end, I didnt really find any unless I experienced them without realizing it.

honestly, this is a superb job for a debut hack, I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and the challenging gyms were a breath of fresh air, using competitive movesets. only thing Is it took me by surprise when I first battled Quinn, so first time round, and admittedly, she mowed me. so I was thinking to give those with less experience a "heads-up", is to give a few of the Tundra grunts a pokemon with an egg move or two. but if this is your first hack, I cant wait to see what you'll bring in the future. Im waiting for your next release.


Good Bye Nintendo WiFi, you were fun. (my codes won't work anymore, so.... ya, hit me up on 3DS if you want dem trades.)