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    as I did with Mythic Legends, Ill spot a mini review of this game for those interested.

    The Good
    - Nice change of pace with the visuals and a decent story to boot
    - Very Good Variety on the Wild Pokemon available
    - Gym battles are genuinely challenging and thoroughly enjoyable

    The Bad
    - you could've left the VS Seeker for us the end of the beta to keep things interesting. even though you said you left extras at the end, I didnt really find any unless I experienced them without realizing it.

    honestly, this is a superb job for a debut hack, I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and the challenging gyms were a breath of fresh air, using competitive movesets. only thing Is it took me by surprise when I first battled Quinn, so first time round, and admittedly, she mowed me. so I was thinking to give those with less experience a "heads-up", is to give a few of the Tundra grunts a pokemon with an egg move or two. but if this is your first hack, I cant wait to see what you'll bring in the future. Im waiting for your next release.


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