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Hey ShinyLugia~ n_n

I just popped by to say how thoroughly impressed I am by the demo! I've just beaten Saturn and saved the Dewgong from the Galactic Grunts and I'm trying to find the secret o.o" Or does it disappear before I save Dewgong?

Anywho~ Everything is great! I've spotted some minor spelling errors and whatnot, but nothing that directly interferes with the gameplay xD Otherwise, it's a lot of fun and plays rather smoothly~ n_n I'm also super impressed by some of the eventing done with the Ranger Boards, the Letter, and other scattered little things.

All in all, it's been a lot of fun!~ ^_^

Btw I wanted to ask, are you using some sort of anti lag script or do you have a newer version of essentials or something o-o? The game runs incredibly smoothly on my part.

Edit: Also, does the secret relate to hidden items or is it an actual event? o.o ~found potion from a window lul~